Piranha titlecard

The title card for Piranha Panic

Piranha Panic is a movie in TMMaLMS. Some of the Mr. Men and Little Misses are transformed into fish, with Mr. Grumpy, Mr. Rude, Mr. Stubborn, and Mr. Scary as piranhas; the Borys have a picnic in Dillydale. The movie is completely subtitled and nearly completely shaded.


(After the opening credits, Mr. Dudeman goes to Miss Kind's house and knocks on the door.)

MISS KIND: Who's there?


MISS KIND: Wire who?

(Cut to the now-open door. Mr. Dudeman is wearing a Strong Sad costume.)

MR. DUDEMAN (in Strong Sad's voice): Wire you asking me that again. I just told you!

(fade to a new scene. Mr. Dudeman whistles, and The Rope comes down. Cut to Miss Kind.)

MISS KIND: Don't pull The Rope!

(Offscreen, Mr. Dudeman pulls The Rope. The water falls on Miss Kind.)

(Cut to a scene by a stream. Noonbory and Jetybory, followed by Hatbory and Lunabory, go by from the right side of the screen to the left. Hatbory goes back to the right after Luna is offscreen. A splash is heard. Cut to Noonbory.)

NOONBORY: Let's make super sense of this!

(Noonbory tosses his scarf aside.)

NOONBORY: Go, bo, Borys!

(Noonbory tosses his cape into the air. Cut to the Toobalooba Toobs.)

LUNABORY: Lunabory Sight!

JETYBORY: Jetybory Sound!

PONGDYBORY: Pongdybory Smell!

COZYBORY: Cozybory Touch!

TOTOBORY: Totobory Taste!

NOONBORY: Super-Bory senses!

(Cut back to the picnic site.)

To Be Continued

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Inside ReferencesEdit

Once again, we have the Don't Pull The Rope! running gag.

Homestar Runner ReferencesEdit

Mr. Dudeman dresses up as Strong Sad.

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