The MisterManiacs theme song is sung before a segment with Mr. Humor and the Zany twins.


It's time for MisterManiacs,

and we're zany to the max,

so just sit back and relax;

you'll laugh till you collapse!

We're MisterManiacs!

Come join two zany brothers

and their zany sister, Dot.

Just for fun, we run around

Dillydale a lot.

They lock us in the tower

whenever we get caught,

but we break loose

and then vamoose

and now you know the plot!

We're MisterManiacs!

Miss Zany's cute and Humor yaks;

Mr. Zany packs away the snacks,

Mr. Music is the sax,

we're MisterManiacs!

Meet Mr. Uppity

who wants to rule the universe;

meet Mr. Two-in-One,

Miss Splendid whacks 'em with her purse;

Miss Naughty chases someone

while Miss Music sings a verse.

The writers flipped,

we have no script,

why bother to rehearse?

We're MisterManiacs!

We have pay-or-play contracts.

We're zany to the max,

there's baloney in our slacks!

We're MisterManey,

totally insaney,

(various line)


Those are the facts!

Various lineEdit

The third to last line of the song varies from time to time. Here are all the possiblities. In this list, Y stands for Mr. Humor, W stands for Mr. Zany, and D stands for Miss Zany. YWD stands for all three of them.

  • YWD: Here's the flamey
  • D: No pain, no gainy
  • YWD: Money down the drainy
  • YWD: Hydroplaney
  • Y: Dillydale-aney
  • YWD: How urbaney
  • Y: Eisenhower Mamie
  • W: Where's Long Chaney?
  • D: The rain in Spainy
  • YWD: Cockamamie
  • Y: Citizen Kaney
  • D: Shirley MacLaney
  • Y: Andromeda Straney
  • D: Come back, Shaney
  • W: Chicken chow mainy
  • Y: Miss Cellany
  • YWD: Little Miss Brainy
  • Y: Eh...
  • D: Here's the show's namey

Fun FactsEdit

Inside ReferencesEdit

Real-World ReferencesEdit

  • This song was based on the Animaniacs theme song.