Little Miss Slippery

Brought to you by AnimeNiacs!

Little Miss Slippery is a character in TMMaLMS. Her eyes have a white shine in them. Without her gloves, she can't even open a door because her hands are too slippery! (How does she manage to get her gloves on in the first place?) Her feet are just as slippery without her shoes. She was introduced after Mr. Dudeman got an email asking what a character that looked like she was from a Japanese cartoon looked like. After Mr. Dudeman described how the character would look, Mr. Miserable said that Mr. Dudeman just described Miss Slippery. In fact, Miss Slippery is the star of her own cartoon (a Japanese cartoon, to be precise).

Real-World ReferencesEdit

  • Before the show comes on, Mr. Humor or one of the Zany twins mentions that the show was "brought to you by AnimeNiacs." AnimeNiacs is an obvious play on Animaniacs (it's even pronounced like Animaniacs).