The Mr. Men and Little Miss Show, being "extreme fanstuff," tends to reference non-Mr. Men series. Animaniacs is one of those series.


  • Mr. Humor, Mr. Zany, and Miss Zany (commonly referred to as Mr. Humor and the Zany twins) were inspired by Yakko, Wakko, and Dot.
  • The segments Mr. Humor's World, Mr. Zany's America, and Class Antics were inspired by the Animaniacs segments Yakko's World, Wakko's America, and Chalkboard Bungle respectively.
  • Segments featuring Mr. Humor and the Zany twins have a theme song based on the Animaniacs theme song.
  • Miss Slippery's show, The Little Miss Slippery Show, was brought to Dillydale by a Dillydalian company called AnimeNiacs. Say the name of the company aloud. It sounds like Animaniacs!